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  • Updates
    • posted a font fix for my themes (October 14)
      changed this blog's theme (July 11)
  • To Do List
    • Kuroshitsuji - 1042 votes
      Dangan Ronpa - 961 votes
      Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 920 votes
      Kyoukai no Kanata - 870 votes
      One Piece - 481 votes
      Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - 359 votes
      Gintama - 332 votes
  • Anime Theme Suggestions
  • Bleach0%
    Fairy Tail0%
    Hetalia: Axis Powers0%
    Kagerou Project (Mekakucity Actors)0%
    Kill la Kill0%
    Neon Genesis Evangelion0%
    Puella Magi Madoka Magica0%
    Sword Art Online0%
    Tokyo Ghoul0%
    Other anime: (Please specify)0%
  • BakaThemes Theme #04 - Ice Cream Theme

    Light: Preview | Static previewCode

    Dark: Preview | Static PreviewCode

    • 2 sliding sidebar pictures
    • 400px or 500px posts
    • up to 10 customized links
    • instant like/reblog post
    • enable/disable music player
    • enable/disable blogroll
    • enable/disable infinite scroll
    • enable/disable shake effects
    • enable/disable permalink icons
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